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November – a month that always reminds me to be thankful for all I have.

Each year on Thanksgiving Day I write out one (or sometimes more) thank you notes to people I’m especially thankful to have in my life. I also set aside some time to simply reflect on all the people I know and have met along the way.  

So this is to say “thank you” to all the people who have helped build 3 Day Bike About over the last two years – participants, volunteers, crew members.   It indeed takes a village. 

Going forward into 2023, as I mentioned in an earlier post, there are some changes but I truly hope the event will be as memorable in 2023 as it was in 2021 and 2022.   Registration opens January 1 and will close April 7 with the fee increasing on the first of each month. 

One of the changes most recently confirmed is the colors of the Flora Velo jerseys.  


The green and gold is a nod to the College of William & Mary here in Williamsburg. 
The blue is lighter than the previous version. 

One small difference on the Primal jersey is the side panel which will say 
“Williamsburg, VA.”   

Looking forward to seeing you in April. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving. 


Registration Information

Registration Information for 3 Day Bike About – Williamsburg - 2023

  • Will open on January 1, 2023 .      
  • Limit:  325 riders (125 camper @ CRP)  
  • Registration will be suspended when that number is reached, and a Wait List will be established.
  • Riders on the Waitlist will be notified if there is an opening prior to April 15.      


FEES (for adults)            (Additional credit card fees apply)

  •       $180 -  Early Bird                                              January 1 – January 31, 2023
  •       $205 – Reg Registration                              February 1 – 28, 2023
  •       $240 – Late Registration                             March 1 – 31, 2023
  •       $285 - Last Minute Registration                   April 1 – 7, 2023   
  • * Registration will close at 5:00 pm on April 7 or whenever the event sells out, whichever comes first.

FEES (for youth):

  • Youth 13 & Under - $ 45.00
    • Youth must be on a bike or a pull-behind with an adult rider 21 years or older. (No exceptions.)

       Riders 14 and older must register as an adult.


 ** 10% of all registration fees go to The Arc of Greater Williamsburg to support their mission.

** 5% of all registration fees go to support Cycling without Age – and other joint projects of the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists and BikeWalk Williamsburg.


What’s Included: 

  • Tent camping w/campground showers & toilets
  • Convenient parking at camp – close to your tent
  • Multiple route options each day: 20 – 100 miles
  • Routes marked with directional signs  
  • SAG (Support & Gear) Teams on routes
  • Downloadable Ride with GPS cue sheets 
    • Ride with GPS – premium for one month
  • Detailed information on where to buy snacks and lunch along the route
  • Designated Gathering Places for 3 Day Bike About riders each day
  • Snacks for your ride distributed at camp each morning
  • Saturday night catered dinner
  • Boxed lunch on Sunday
  • Wrist bands for bike & rider

  Cancellation & Refund Policy                   There is no rain date for this event.

  •  Full Refund – minus an administrative fee of $25 will be given if requested via email prior to midnight on January 31, 2023.
  • 50% Refund – minus an administrative fee of $25 will be given if requested before midnight on February 28, 2023.
  • No refunds after February 28, 2023


  • Transfers will be allowed until April 7.


ADD Ons:

Jersey – pre-order 

  • Primal jersey orders must be received no later than 2/20/23 to guarantee availability of size.
  • Flora Velo jersey orders must be received no later than 3/10/23 to guarantee availability of size. 

Jerseys will be available for pick up at the event.



September is just around the corner....

September is just around the corner and that means…..

  • Summer is over,
  • The kids go back to school,
  • The leaves on the trees start changing, and some of us start planning for next year.

That’s right 2023 will be here before you know it, so scroll on through your calendar and find next Spring, specifically April. 

Along with the changes mentioned in the prior Inside Scoop post are the following at 3 Day Bike About – Williamsburg:

(Don’t worry, I didn’t change everything.)

What Remains the Same:

  • 3 days of cycling on great routes
  • Saturday night catered dinner by Custom Culinary Connection
  • SAG – on all the routes, start to finish
  • Snacks for your ride every morning
  • Brownies at Cul’s Courthouse Grille on Friday
  • Thursday evening early check-in and tent camping at CRP
  • Our incredibly soft blue t-shirts (for purchase)
    • Hint: best to order online to guarantee we have your size in stock

What’s New:

  • A limited number of registrations – 333 to be exact
  • A limited number of tent campers in the Group Camping Area –
    • 123 to be exact
  • New items to choose from for the Sunday Boxed Lunch and
    • a drink is now included
  • Club Challenge – we are challenging you to bring as many of your fellow cycling club members with you to win a cash prize for your club.
    • Let me know if your club did not receive this information in an email.
  • Your registration packet will NOT come with a fanny pack – but you can buy one if you really want one.
  • Flora Velo jerseys - same style - new colors.

Check back from time to time for more updates right here at The Inside Scoop.

The Origin Story of 3 Day Bike About

by Deana Sun

Seems like all the big franchises on TV and in movies are doing “origin” stories on the characters so here goes: 

3 Day Bike About was created in the latter part of 2020 (you know, the year when the world seemed to stop revolving) by Cynthia Bashton and myself. Our goal was to hold small (less than 400 cyclists) bicycle tours in small Virginia towns while supporting a local charity and the local economy. Together we hosted 3 successful tours over the next two years: 

2021 – Williamsburg 

2022 – Williamsburg and Strasburg 

while not only supporting the local economy in those two towns but raising over $11,000 for The Arc of Greater Williamsburg and $3,000 for the proposed Shenandoah Rail Trail in Strasburg. 

But times and lives change, so going forward into 2023 I will be “flying solo” as they say. With the experience and knowledge I gained volunteering at various bicycling tours and working with Cynthia (who was previously on staff with Bike Virginia) over the past 10 years, I will continue to host 3 Day Bike About tours in Williamsburg. 

I am very fortunate the local cycling club, Williamsburg Area Bicyclists (WAB), has signed on to support 3 Day Bike About.  I have been a member of WAB since 2009 (including four years as President (2015 – 2018), and many members have volunteered these last two years. 

There will be changes, but some things will also stay the same: 

  • The Arc of Greater Williamsburg will continue to receive 10% of all registration fees and 20% of all sponsorship dollars. 
  • Williamsburg Area Bicyclists will receive 5% of all registration fees to support their Cycling without Age and Helmet Distribution program.


Check Back Soon!

In the coming months, Deana will be posting updates on the event as planning continues. Check back often for the updates and other information to help you plan your adventure at 3 Day Bike About – Williamsburg.

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