3 Days of Great Riding Await.

Here is a look at the 3 Day Bike About 2023 ROUTES.  Grab your snacks available on Main Street at the Snack Shack before you head out to ride.  We will provide information on the best places to get water, food and a little History for each day! 

SAG will be available each day. 757-755-4655 (#on your wristband;-)


Signs will be posted with directional arrows for every route BLUE, PINK, GOLD...follow them and you will be on the route, start to finish!

Williamsburg '23 - Friday - April 21, 2023

On Friday, you are free to explore the Virginia Capital Trail, a beautiful paved trail that extends from Jamestown to Richmond (52 miles) and goes past the Chickahominy Riverfront Park (event venue) at mile mark seven.

Williamsburg '23 - Saturday - April 22, 2023


Williamsburg '23 - Sunday - April 23, 2023


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