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The Basics for Friday

The Basics for Friday:  food, water and restrooms + gathering places. 

MM 0 kiosk is located across from Jamestown Settlement at the corner of Jamestown Road and the Colonial Parkway. 

  • Restrooms: located inside the Settlement to the left after you enter the lobby.  (Probably my favorite public restroom as all their soap dispensers, water faucets, toilets and doors are hands-free. :)  Jamestown Settlement is usually open from 9a - 5pm daily. 
  • Food & Water: There are water fountains in the lobby & a Cafe to the left, past the restrooms.

MM 2-3 - Spoke & Art Provisions Company offers light lunch fare, snacks, ice cream and beverages, including coffee drinks. Open 9am - 7pm.   

MM 20 - Charles City Courthouse

  • Restrooms are located in a building between the old Clerk’s Office (now the Visitor’s Center) and the new courthouse off Watermelon Fields Road and also inside Cul’s Courthouse Grille (opens at 11 am) – and a favorite among cyclists for lunch. 
  • GATHERING PLACE:  The new pavilion behind the Grille is where 3 Day Bike About cyclists will be gathering for FREE brownies from 9am - 4pm. There are tables to sit at, heaters if it’s a bit chilly, a bar to get a beer ($) and wait staff to take your food orders after 11am. Water will also be available. 
    •   p.s. This is a staff favorite and was a hit with 2021 3DBA riders.  

MM 22 - 

MM 30 - Upper Shirley Plantation and Vineyards - located about 1 mile off the VCT (partially paved, partially dirt/gravel road & parking lot), is the Shirley Plantation with the vineyards & restaurant located next door. Restrooms and water available if either location is open. 

Proceeding west on the VCT porta-potties located along the way, usually at Herring Creek (MM 28) and Willis Church Road (MM 36) - just no guarantee. 

MM 40 – Four Mile Creek

  • Bonus Gathering Place:  Courtesy of the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation, Trail Ambassador John Braff will be one hand at Four Mile Creek with water and snacks from 10 am - 3pm. John will also be answering questions about the VCT. 

Restrooms & water:

  • Porta-potties are located in the parking lot. 
  • Indoor restrooms are located in the Exxon/Dairy Queen across Route 5.  Food & water can also be found there. 
  • Restrooms are also located in Dorey Park - take the spur to the right a couple of miles west of Four Mile Creek. 

Between MM 40 & MM 52, there are various businesses where food, water and restrooms can be found. To name just a few: 

MM 45 - The Original Ronnie’s BBQ - a family owned and operated establishment which moved to its current location specifically to be on the VCT to serve cyclists. 

MM 48 - (new) 7 - 11 convenience store has an outdoor seating area with bike racks. They also have hot/cold grab-and-go food, drinks, coffee and fresh baked cookies as well as those Slurpees some of us have come to know and love. Enjoy. 

MM 50 - Shockoe Slip 

Porta-potties in Great Shiplock Park where the VCT ends. Basics -

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